At the heart of Natì innovation is water: the basic element of life and the health of the body’s cells, 99% of our skin.

Years of experimentation, research, oversights and successes have given Natì a superior knowledge of skin and beauty. Knowledge that Natì treats as an immense living wealth, to be nurtured and preserved. A wealth built on Water and on knowledge of it.

Transparent and authentic, water is a universe of rare beauty and complexity. Natì has revealed its most intimate secrets, and on this knowledge it has generated a new universe: ABT®, Bio-Technological Water, present in all Natì cosmetics and beauty treatments.

Water itself, its physicality, its wonders are a perfect metaphor for Natì: scientifically reliable, elegantly honest, harmoniously innovative.

Stefano Brioschi - presidente di Natì

Natì originated with a genial idea by Stefano Brioschi, who imagined cosmetics capable of blending the tradition of biology with the revolutionary principles of modern physics, quantum physics
Drawing on his passion for research and his knowledge of the beauty industry, he designed a new way of taking care of the skin, of taking care of oneself, starting with water: the technology of life.