Beauty is a universal feeling, the only one capable of restoring harmony to the complex disorder of reality.

This is why it finds its maximum expression in art. A kaleidoscopic language, the richest in potential, with which the human being has always tried to trace the leitmotif of existence, of himself and of the world around him.

be.Art aims to introduce you, a visitor in search of beauty, to the multitude of artistic languages with which it is possible to describe it.


According to Fabio Rebosio, architect, beauty arises from captivating emotions.

This vision guided him in the designing process of Water Palace, the new Natì commercial headquarters: a welcoming meeting place, where the extraordinary characteristics of ABT (Acqua BioTecnologica) come to life in spaces and design elements with a strong contemporary and innovative mark.


Movement. Light. Water. These are the three key elements of the works of Andrea Amorusi, the Tuscan photographer who, like an expert lathe turner, shapes water and sculpts its image through a camera.

In the photographs taken exclusively for Natì, Andrea captured the essence of ABT (Acqua BioTecnologica), creating unexpected shapes of surprising beauty and innovation.

A beauty story

In her laboratory in Turin, the Japanese artist Aiko Zushi talks about the delicate power of kintsugi. Not only an art with a thousand-year history, but a true philosophy of life, in which time, kindness and respect give new light to the objects we love.

The intricate details of Aiko’s repaired pottery inspired the KINTSUGI Christmas 2022 coffret: a special gift to celebrate the beauty of who we are.


Know the others to understand yourself, through movement, gestures, words. This is the essence of theatre according to Silvia Giulia Mendola, actress, director and interpreter of the campaign “A new language”.

Created as part of the be.Art project, the campaign is dedicated to all women who choose to enter into a dialogue with the world, nature, water and its natural movement to discover a new way of experiencing beauty. Beauty that is above all a reconnection with oneself, one’s body and one’s feelings.

Photography and beauty

From behind the lens, Luca Proserpio offers an intimate and personal reflection on the meaning of the word “beauty”. A concept so vast that it escapes a single definition, but whose outlines are continuously drawn through color, light and image.
The “Maison 2022” photo shoot, created in collaboration with Natì, guides us in observing what goes beyond the conventional, to try to grasp the nuances of authentic and – above all – interesting beauty.

Beauty in writing

Writing, art and beauty: three inseparably connected elements, which become co-protagonists in Federico Riccardo’s latest story “I am N”.

The artistic reworking of a real experience, “I am N” investigates from a different, privileged and very personal angle, what went on behind designing the new Natì trademark. Because N is not just a letter: it is the desire for change, to improve one’s beliefs and establish others. The urgency to affirm one’s thoughts.

As Piero Manzoni said, there is only to be, there is only to live.