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Real Sun

The sun and the RealSun line speak the same language: sun activity is electromagnetic, exactly how the innovative ingredient Acqua BioTecnologica® works. UV rays increase free-radicals production and photo-ageing. All formulas are boosted by Acqua BioTecnologica® with electromagnetic action which guarantees protection and antiageing actions, decreasing inflammatory processes of skin, reducing free-radicals and increasing elastin production and cells vitality. The skin is health, moisturised and regenerated, even during sun exposure. 

“Anti-skin stress molecule” from Natì Labs is a perfect combination of Acqua BioTecnologica® with Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera and Camelia Sinensis extracts. A super-functional mix with moistuirisng and nourishing properties, helping skin regeneration and protection from ageing signs.

Acqua BioTecnologica®: super coherent water with electromagnetic action. Antiageing, anti free-radicals, elasticising, calms down inflammatory states, revitalises cells activity. 

Hyaluronic Acid: moisturising molecule par excellence, gives long-lasting moisturise skin.

Aloe Vera extract: intensive functional extract with regenerating activity, repairs skin from sun exposure damages. 

Camelia Sinensis extract: the skin is young and matte and perfectly sebum-balanced thanks to purifying and detoxing activities.