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Orange Purity

Orange purity is dedicated to rediscover skin pureness. Formulations are based on Acqua BioTecnologica® enriched by vegetable active ingredients, allowing the depurative action of the treatment.

It is divided into three specific treatments:


Treatment A, specific rebalancing activity in case of acne, it has a bacteriostatic and soothing action; it regulates sebaceous activity allowing deep hydration of skin. Acneic, swollen tissues, find freshness, balance and compactness.

Treatment D, detox and perfect for combination and impure skins, it makes the skin looking healthy, bright, compact and alive. It is recommended for young skins, but also for mature ones: it provides deep depuration and it allows a remarkable hydration, regulating lipidic activities.

Treatment R, is regenerating, depurative, antiage, sebaceous activity regulator and perfect for dull skins with blemishes and loosen tissues.