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Blu Hydra

Moisturising and refreshing professional line with specific hydra-restoring, remineralising, smoothing, elasticising, nourishing, hydro-lipidic film balancing and regenerating actions. Perfect also for the most sensitive and reactive skin with damaged hydro-lipidic barrier. Blu Hydra is inspired by the Blue Planet, the Earth. Our planet is different from others because it’s the only one with the life-element: water. Natì laboratories have developed an extraordinary blend of ingredients able to reproduce how water works in  our body: Acqua BioTecnologica®, the worldwide exclusive super coherent water formulated by Natì laboratories, with extra pure Quinton Plasma, sea water collected from Pacific Ocean’s volcanic islands. The first one has the same molecular geometry of our tissues when in good health. The second one is so rich in mineral salts and trace elements to deserve definition of “similar” to blood plasma. Combined, they represent the perfect blend to regenerate the skin completely, as imitates its hydration processes, bringing them back to an excellent level.

Formulas are enhanced by three “land elements” with special features: Betaine extracted by sugar beetroot, Chlorella Vulgaris also known as “marvellous seaweed” and ash tree extract.