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Spacius body treatment

HUMUS Modelling body treatment [ Slim, Dren, Tonic]

Dedicated to: everyone who desires a highly technological treatment combined with a sensorial pose, truly effective on shape remodeling, together with comfort.
Result: immediate effect with cellulite, fat deposits and loose tissues. The synergy of functional ingredients guarantees a complete action on body. Skin toxins are absorbed, tissues are super stimulated to receive micronutrients. Microcirculation is deeply revitalised, and water skin liquids are rebalanced. Skin is smooth, elastic and firm.


Wrap Body Treatment [Slim Body, Dren Body, Tonic Body]

Dedicated to: young woman, at the first experience in body care, looking for a strong flash action.
Result: extraordinary and visible since first application. Fat deposits reduce enhancing the shapes of silhouette. Orange peel effect imrpoves and even tissues are immediately firm.

3D modelling detox body treatment :

Dedicated to: everyone who desires to maximize the effect of body treatments through an intense delicate exfoliation and purification of skin tissues.
Result: Spacius Modelling Salt offers an exclusive 3D action onto body: purifies and removes toxins; gently exfoliates, thanks to pure crystal salts; Shapes silhouette firming tissues.
Skin is perfectly moisturised, sooth and sculpted.