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Draining Eye-Contour

Gel to treat swollen, tired and stressed eyes. A unique blend of Acqua BioTecnologica® with fine functional ingredients to reduce visibly dark circles and eye-bags, thanks to draining properties. Regenerating and revitalising actions improve skin health, while promoting a deep antiageing effect. Works against tiredness signs, for a shining and rested look.

Active ingredients: Acqua BioTecnologica® 72%; Chamomile distillate water; Cornflower distillate water; Caffeine; Hyaluronic Acid; Vitamin PP; Pineapple extract; Leaf Myrtus extract; Sambucus extract; Biotechnological blend of soy and rice proteins; Licorice extract; Grapefruit extract.

Usage: after cleansing and toning, apply delicately onto eye-contour area. Combine with the most suitable Natì cream and fluid.

Home pack: 15ml bottle

Professional pack: 15ml tube